Saturday, March 1, 2014

3 Things You Should Know Before Starting a Blog

Hey Guys, so I was online and watched a few video where Blogger/YouTubers were talking about the stereotypes that people think about bloggers or having a blog. I'm not gonna sit here and tell you guys that I didn't believe the stereotypes , because I did.
 Before I started a blog I thought what all other none bloggers think. I don't have many followers but I'm writing this for anyone who's willing to read. These are some things that people should know before starting a blog. Don't get me wrong I LOVE blogging, but I never thought it would be like this. 
1. It's not Easy
 A lot of people think that having a blog is easy, that once and a while that you can write a blog post and you'll magically get thousands of followers. You have to write QUALITY posts, people won't read the posts if they are poorly written or have irrelevant topics.
2. Don't start a blog if you don't enjoy it
This is another thing many people do, they start a blog because they want to make money, or get notice. Truth be told if your hearts not in it you won't last. You'll get bored or start writing poor posts. Don't do it if you don't love it.
3. Followers won't just appear
It's not easy to get followers, you have to have a target audience that will read and be active in your blog. I don't have a lot of followers but it's okay because I know the followers that I do have are quality followers. You have to work hard and have quality posts. You could also use social websites like Facebook,twitter, Instagram, ect.  
In conclusion, starting a blog is hard work, but if you love it it's amazing!!! I love blogging and reading other blogs, and I wouldn't go back and change anything. If you enjoy blogs then definitely start one, and don't give up if you don't think you have enough followers.
 I've been seriously writing on my blog since September and only have 53 followers and I freak out every time I get a new one. I love my followers and the blogs  I follow. Good Luck to everyone who wants to start a blog. 
Thanks for reading :)   


  1. Well, you're right that it's not all about the followers. You wouldn't want to get 1000 followers who never read your blog. :) So just stick around and engage more so a lot of bloggers can reach you too! :)

  2. This is still relevant to me today after blogging for almost a year! (:

    ♥ | | xoxo