Saturday, February 15, 2014

When your Snowed In!!!

I know this isn't my usual post but I need to write and I think this is the perfect place for it. This past week I had yet another snow day, well school wasn't closed it was just to hectic outside for anyone to go.
 My school only has 30-something kids  Anyway being that this is the third snow day I've had so far I had to come up with something to do on this extremely boring day. So I made a list. 
This list was devised so that I could help other bored teens on snow days. Like I said this isn't my normal post so I might be awful at this but here it goes.

1. Sleep in 
Sleep is an amazing thing and when a snow day occurs its the perfect excuse to catch up on some sleep. Especially if your a high school student, you know the struggle of not getting enough sleep.

2. Stay in you Pjs ALL day 
When you get the chance why not stay in your Pjs all day?


3. Watch EVER Disney movie you can
This is pretty self explanatory 

Why not?


If you have a day off don't stress yourself out, it's best to take it slow and relax.

 I hope you guys enjoyed this post,comment down below your favorite thing to do on a snow day. 
Thanks for reading :)

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