Sunday, February 23, 2014

Shopping Success!

Hello Everyone, I think most people agree with me when I say I love to shop! But sometimes shopping isn't the best thing especially when you have loads of stuff and you don't have loads of money. Even thought I have more clothes and jewelry than I can handle I still want MORE! 
So last week I was at the mall and almost had a heart attack when I found out dELiA's was having a sale, and not any sale, most of their shirts were just $5!!!  There jewelry was also buy one get one free! And get this, their shoes were $5 too!!!! However, I was responsible and only got a few things...kind of. I also stopped by Claire's who also had a 10 for 10 sale.


White Fluffy Knit Sweater $5

Gray Crew Neck Sweater $5

Short Sleeve LA T-Shirt $5

Beige Knit Sweater $5

Brown Boots $5 

'E' Necklace $12


Bow Ring $1

Flower Ring $1

I also stopped by Hollister and got a body mist, that smells AMAZING...... (they also had a sale)

Hollister Body Mist $6

Okay so I was so responsible, but I do love everything I got. 
Comment down below what your best bargain buy was.

Thanks for Read :)

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