Sunday, December 15, 2013

Oh Baby It's Cold Outside

Winter's finally here, and though I must say I hate the cold , I do love winter attire. I love the big sweaters,the scarves, the hats, boots, and especially layering. I also love when it isn't to cold outside and you go out and when you come in you have rosy cheeks and what I like to call winter face. It's been extremely cold here so all I'm getting is a red nose and I'm pretty sure Rudolph has nothing on me. 

It doesn't seem like this weather is going away anytime soon so I thought I'd talk about winter layering. First things first, no matter where I am whether in school so outside I always have a scarf on, I think thats going to be my winter accessory for this year. I do have quite a few scarfs. Another thing I have been loving is leg warmers.Now that may sound weird and when my I first saw then I though WTF, when am I ever going to use these, but since I take public transportation home they have been life savors and their cute. I have four colors, brown, creme, purple , and a light pink. A lot of people think they are just long socks and are usually surprised to know that they're not. I tend to wear them with my boots and match my scarf to them.

 I'm not much of a hat person but I will wear one now and then. The great thing about hats is that you can wear them as a fashion statement or because your heads cold. I also love gloves, I think I have way too many! There are a few normal ones but I have a few that aren't. I just had to get texting gloves and no finger gloves. 
Everyone should rock winter accessories in their own way. I hope this helped and maybe you'll try leg warmers and texting gloves too. Thanks for reading :)

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