Thursday, August 22, 2013

City Bound

         There's nothing like New York City. Though I've been there a million times I still get excited every time I go. Today I thought I'd act like a tourist and take pictures of everything I could. After an hour of buses and subway trains, my brother, sister, mom and I were in the city.   I love the city and everything about it. Everyone is different and no one cares. In New York City you can be yourself without any criticism.
          Though today's weather wasn't one you particularly would like to go and "explore" the city with. But a little rain never hurt anyone, but it does ruin your hair (unless your a guy). Today there was a fantasy football event by Madame Tussuads. There was an enormous group of people and even some NFL football player. I didn't stick around though, I'm not really a football girl (mostly because I have no idea how its played). Then we just walked around. To be honest in the city that's enough, the city itself is a sight to see. You don't need to go somewhere in the city to feel like your in New York, the second you cross that bridge and see the building, you know. New York City is my city, your city, Everyone's city. Not characterized by race, gender, or nationality. That's why I love NY.

Here are some corny tourist pictures I took :)

Thanks for reading :)

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