Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Movies: The Mortal Instruments

         After waiting for what seems like forever; finally tonight The Mortal Instruments came out! My best friend, brother, and I all decided to go watch it. And yes, I am the dork that read all of the books in the series so far and I loved them! And I don't think it could have been better! It as such a good movie (almost as good as the book). I was really excited to see this movie. I was literally jumping out of my seat. I'm pretty sure that the only thing that would have made me more excited was to actually be in the movie, but that's me dreaming again.
         So I don't really think that you guys want to know, but just to be safe I'm going to tell you how it went. So I got ready and got in the car, we left a bit early because I wanted to see if I could find a bookbag at a store near the theater. But because I'm insanely picky I didn't get anything. So my best friend met me and my brother at the store and we went to the movie theater. My brother being embarrassed by me (although I don't know why) sat about 8 rows in front of me. Then the movie started. Because my friend didn't read the books I kinda had to fill her in a bit. The rest of the movie was full of us aweeing at almost everything Jace and Clary did. 
          Then after the movie ended we walked out and wanted to take a picture by the poster, so we asked my brother. Again being embarrassed by me he said no and got in the car. My mom then had to take the picture. And No I'm not embarrassed that my mom had to pick me up from the movie theater. That all I pretty much did. Yep I'm not very exciting haha. 

Lily Collins being extremely gorgeous. <3 Haha don't mine me. Well Goodnight to you all ;* :)

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