Friday, September 6, 2013

Covergirl : Flame out Mascara

Since school is starting I thought I would get a new mascara. I didn't wanna get the ones that everyone has because there too "mainstream". Haha no but really I wanted to try the flamed out mascara. I hadn't heard of it , until I went to the covergirl section. I thought the packaging was soo adorable, and not to mention, its WATERPROOF!!! Which may not be a big deal for most people but it is for me since I wear contacts and with other mascara when my eye itches the mascara goes everywhere. There were a few shades between brown and black. I got it in the shade Very Black. 

The second I got home I had to try it on. I don't really like it when you can notice that you have mascara on and I was worried that after the first coat it would be obvious that I have mascara, but that wasn't the case (Thank God). It looked natural yet made my lashes look amazing!!! I had to put another coat on to experiment and if you like it when it looks like you have mascara on then this is also the mascara for you.
 The only problem I had was that it said it was a volumizing mascara, yet I didn't see a great difference when it came to volume, but it does make your lashes look extremely long. Overall I think I'm obsessed. One of the best mascaras I've tried and I'll definitely be using it up :)
Hope everyone is having a great day and has a wonderful first day of school :)

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