Saturday, November 2, 2013

Closet Dash

     Let me start off by saying sorry that I haven't blogged in a while but school has started and getting adjusted to a new school has taken up most of my time. Moving on, I can't wait to tell you guys about Closet Dash. While in school the fashion club took a trip to the city to this store called Closet Dash. After we had spend hours learning about fashion history we were finally able to go shopping! Prior to our trip to Closet Dash we had been told to bring in 10 items of clothing or purses that we could exchange at Closet Dash. Closet Dash is a small store in Manhattan that recycles clothing. We had paid $10 to exchange 10 items of clothing for store credit. You may also purchase clothes at Closet Dash as well as swap them. 
       Once you go to Closet Dash they examine your clothes and give you a credit amount. With that credit you can purchase something in the store. If it has a colored sticker you can use your credits, if not you can use half your credits and pay the other half in cash. For example if a dress is $20 and doesn't have a sticker you can use 10 credits and pay $10 in cash. I will be honest, my expectations were not high. That changed when I got to Closet Dash. They had EVERYTHING!!! From designer clothes to clothes you could find a Walmart, from size 0 to size 10, from shoes to bags to clothes to jewelry. They had all types of clothing; vintage or modern, and they were all in amazing condition. 
       When clothes or bags are brought into Closet Dash they are closely examined for any rips, stains, or even if it looks a little worn out. I was able to use all my credits and get clothes that would have cost me so much. I didn't pay a dime because with the clothes I had brought in I had enough credits. Another great thing is that if any clothes or bags weren't accepted you had the choice of giving them to Goodwill or keeping them. I totally recommend Closet Dash, you won't regret going there! Here are some of the clothes that I got :)
Love-Live Shirt

Pink Shirt

Floral Dress

Thick Dark Purple Cardigan 

Tan and White Striped Sweater

Navy Blue Shorts

Thanks For Reading :)

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