Saturday, February 1, 2014

Covergirl Naturluxe Gloss Balm

Covergirl Natureluxe Gloss Balm, wow that's a mouth-full, try saying that 10 times.  At fist sight these may look like they have heavy pigment , but that's not the case. The picture above is not mine, but I do have the two corner colors, sorry I have not been able to take picture lately but I really need to get a better camera so when I do I will definitely be posting  my own pictures. 
Back to the Gloss Balm , I currently have three, Marble- 255, Tulip-205, and Thistle-210. Tulip and Thistle surprisingly are lighter when looking at the shade, yet they give off more pigment than Marble. I really like these because being only a high-schooler I don't really like heavy color on my lips and these are perfect when you want just the right amount of color.
 I also love them because they are extremely moisturizing. The Marble actually gives off almost no pigment so if you ever need a moisturizing balm that gives off a little shine, this is perfect.  They also all have SPF 15, which is just another bonus, I totally love this balm, it has such a lightweight feel that I can't get enough of them. 
You can get them Here
Thanks for reading and comment down below if you have every tried them or what your favorite balm is :)

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